A space for poems you like to read again and again.

It is such a rush to post more and more poems, to publish everywhere.

This is for your poems, which have been published at  least once, at least three years ago, and which YOU think your readers would like to see again and remember.

We’ll be seeking more readers among people who dont write, or dont read much poetry, in the hope that they’ll like these poems. The plan is to update with a few poems every weekend, Saturday or Sunday.

Initially please send me ONE poem, not too long (page length or shorter) that you still feel happy with and want to share again. Send the poem to Sally Evans 35 at  gmail dot com, stating where first published, and any other acknowledgements. You are responsible for permissions from published books.

Send an image to go with your poem if you wish. If you dont sent an image I may add one.

We are in trial mode, and these instructions may be altered. I may not be able to include all poems but if I select, I will state on what basis.