An extra post because we can’t pass up the 29th February, and because next weekend will be next Monday (next weekend will be occupied with StAnza Poetry Festival, for those of you in this part of the world. St Andrews, Scotland).

First to Sherry Pasquerello of USA, with her descriptive poem river rocks. Next we have a Nautilus from Dennis Garrison, well known for haiku forms. This is a  form he invented, consisting of two Fibonnaci sequences and a Cinqain D’Or. To the rest of us it is about the “golden mean.”  Finally a short poem from Ian Blake, of north-west Scotland, from his first book containg his even earlier, 1960s poem, The Bombing of Dresden.

Enjoy the rest of this 29 February, and thanks to all the poets of the month.



Sherry Pasquerello
river rocks

knife edged waves
steel grey sharpness
slicing away at the river rocks.
cold raw silver skied day
you can see them
packed tight
under the bridges of the three rivers.
dirty blankets
stained cardboard
muted colors
dulled hopes endure.
eyes as hard as the wet stones
staying while the river flows
published in 2012, HIP POETRY edited by Diana May-Waldman,

Mitchell Waldman and Joe McEvoy



Dennis Garrison

Unfathomed flight
just hear
the bridge’s
rumbling discontent.
Daily traversed by common hordes,
this web-winged colossus quivers on its massive pier.
Built to freely soar, not to merely bear grim groundling freight,
the bridge’s braided sinews still, with bridled flight, vibrate.
Its fine tracery of steel, grounded now eigth fathoms deep,
is poised to spread  and lift in one epiphanic leap
and sweep loose its earthen fetters and their killing weight.But still it stays. Across the channel’s flow, the grumbling
span carries the trudging traffic
on its trembling way
by night,

First published in P
oetry Scotland 20, 2002

Ian Blake

Leopard Light 

Dry, tired, dusty,
One by one,
Between brown boulders,
Leopards come. 

Spring-sweet water,
Darkening, cool,
Reflects live bodies
Round the pool.

Shadows etch,

As day meets night,
Golden yellow;
Leopard light

First published in Aultgrishan, diehard 1999